Name: Sam M
Home Country:
United States


A | Your 9kumi Origin Story

How did you first come across ALICE NINE.?

I had heard about them previously, but a friend of mine got me to listen to them.

What was your initial impression of the band, and/or of the individual members?

I absolutely fell in love with Show-san’s voice. The entire band is incredibly talented. Each member is a master at their craft.

As far as individual members, Tora-san captured my heart pretty quickly. He just seems to have a wonderfully fun personality. I love his guitar playing. Learning his history with medical issues, and how he kept going is inspiring in a way.

Saga-san has this smoldering intensity to him when he’s performing. Nao just so cute and fun, him getting the audience hyped up is always fun to watch. His drumming is wonderful and he’s always so energetic! Hiroto-san has such a powerful presence on stage and he’s an amazing performer. He also has such an insanely sexy voice when he starts singing 😅

What turned you into a fan? Was it a song, a release, an experience of some kind…?

My friend had me listen to Revolutionary Blooming first.

B | The Way You Hear ALICE NINE.

What about ALICE NINE.’s sound do you like or admire most?

Show-san has such a wonderfully beautiful powerful voice. Everyone compliments the other’s playing perfectly.

What are some things that give ALICE NINE. a certain je ne sais quoi?

They have amazing chemistry together. The focus just isn’t Show-san and they all give each other the spotlight at some point.

What are some of your favourite songs?

Castle of the Nine (Tora-san singing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰)

Bury the night
Number 6

Create a 3-song single (or playlist if you prefer). Why did you put those 3 songs together?

Bury the night
Castle of the Nine

Have you ever had the chance to attend a live (either in person or via livestream in real-time)? What was your experience like? Please tell us about the first time, or some very memorable moments.

I only have been able to attend one live stream. I got up really early after a long day at work. It was worth it though.

Speaking of lives, are there some live-only versions or arrangements of their songs that you love in particular?

I love the live performance for Castle of the Nine. You can see the bond they have when they perform the song.

When you listen to the songs without distraction, how do you experience them? Do you get mental images, colours, sensations, emotions…?

Their music can either calm me, or give me energy. I have a gym playlist with a lot of their music.
Some of their music has a brightness to it. While others have a pastel calmness. Then you have those songs that erupt like a firey volcano.

Let’s talk lyrics: if you understand them in Japanese or have read translations, what are some of your favourite song lyrics? Do you have any favourite lines or imagery in the ALICE NINE. discography?


I chased after it, overwhelmed with tremendous loneliness
Still not knowing even the destination of the flame

Fluttering, swaying, the pain that fell after I flapped my wings
Gently, eternally, spin an everlasting tale


I’m falling down to the dark, but I can’t say good-bye to you
searching for own pieces

A mechanism slowly projects
Hopes, intentions that pile up

It’s not a road I chose,
but a vow;
One of a future that I wish for
with the friend who showed me how

Farewell Flowers

It’s a farewell song: I pick up the light
to decorate it with our memories.
Colours fade…
The slumbering morning leaves nothing but
the memories we loved

When I used my translator…. that made my heart start aching. But… they want us to remember everything and look back with fondness.
(I’m not completely fluent in Japanese, so I do need to look things up still).

I’ll just keep it to 3…

C | The Way You See ALICE NINE.

What about ALICE NINE.’s visual aesthetic do you like or admire most?

When they change their visual aesthetic, it always seems to top their last one. They evolve wonderfully.

Do you have a favourite visual, look, or release era? What did you like most about it?

Ahhhh that’s hard…. All their looks are wonderful in their own way 😅😅 I do love saga with black hair though 😅😅

What are some of your favourite MVs?


Bury the night is the sweetest, most adorable video I’ve ever seen in my life.

Let’s talk cover art: what are some of your favourite single or album covers in their discography? Is there one that takes the #1 spot?

I love the Wonderland with Black art work
Medley is one of my favorite albums, so I really love the images for that album. I also really like Nightless Eden.
They came up with amazing imagery for Grace. It’s like a crown jewel.

Do you have a favourite photoshoot from a magazine, for instance? Which one, and why?

The 13th anniversary books 👀👀👀👀 I have the entire set. Tora-san’s book 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I also really love volume 086 of rock and read. The photos in there are lovely.

Out of all the goods that ALICE NINE. have released over the years, do you have any favourites? These could be goods that you’ve actually bought or goods that you’ve simply admired from afar.

The 13th anniversary books are some of my favorites. I own the set 🤭 I love the Cafe Alice goods that have come out through the years. Ahhhh I wish I could have gone 😔😔😔😔 I loved the pearl necklaces that they came out with for prototype +.
I love the big acrylic stands for birthdays that have come out. (I have Tora’s).

D | ALICE NINE.’s Impact and Influence

Has ALICE NINE. ever inspired you to try, do, or make something? Tell us about the point of inspiration and what you did as a result.

Tora-san inspired me to get over some personal trauma and start learning the guitar again. I named my guitar after him.

Have you ever recommended ALICE NINE.’s music to someone who was not already a fan? How did it go?

I had them listen to the song “number six“. The person really didn’t know anything about Japanese music. But she thought Show-san had a beautiful voice.

As a fan, do you keep to yourself, or do you interact with other fans? Have you made friends with other 9kumis? Have you ever participated in a fan project, whether to share information with other fans or to make something to give to the band?

I’m hoping we can send a flower arrangement out during the tour.

Have you ever sent a comment, message, or even been able to speak to one or more of the band members? What was the experience like and how did you decide what to say?

I sent Show-san and Hiroto-san messages when the freeze was announced. Telling them that I’d still support them and wish them the best no matter what happens. I also messaged Show-san asking permission to use the flower as a tattoo.

He sent a 🔥 in response. I also told him how someone who has never listened to Japanese music thought he had a beautiful voice. He loved the message I sent it.

At this point in your life as an ALICE NINE. fan, what does the band mean to you?

Show’s voice, even though it’s powerful, also has a beautiful calming effect to it.
Their music helps get me going when I’m really tired, and it’ll calm me down when I’m upset.
The band for me, like so many others, is precious.

E | Freeform Section

If there is a question you wish we would have asked, or something else related to ALICE NINE. that you’d like to talk about, please feel free to write about it here.

I’ll miss them when they leave, whether it be temporary, or permanently. I only can love them and wish them the best. I’ll support each member equally no matter what of outcome of the “freeze”.

If I ever got the chance to meet them, I’d thank them for what they have given fans.
I’d let them know I understand this is necessary for them as individuals. I would let them know how much their music moves people.

If I could, I’d would make each of them their instruments from wire and gemstones as gifts. Maybe knit something like a scarf for Tora-san.

If given the chance, I would love to sit down with Tora-san and talk about movies. We seem to have similar tastes in movies. I would also love to play a video game with Tora-san 😅😅