Hi ! 

My name is Pauline, I am 28 years old and I am from France.

My social medias are quite personal so I won’t share them here if that’s okay 🙂

As my English is not flawless, I used an AI to help with the translation. I hope it will be readable and understandable.


A | Your 9kumi Origin Story

How did you first come across ALICE NINE.?

I believe it was in 2007, when I was around 12 or 13 years old. At that time, I already enjoyed listening to Japanese music, especially Jpop and visual kei, and was generally interested in Japanese culture. It was then that I stumbled upon one of their songs on Youtube, which happened to be “Velvet“.

What was your initial impression of the band, and/or of the individual members?

The first thing that struck me was Shou’s voice, particularly in Velvet. It was incredibly deep and distinctive compared to what I was accustomed to hearing, but in a very positive way. Of course, I also enjoyed the music and began listening to more of their songs.

What turned you into a fan? Was it a song, a release, an experience of some kind…?

I gradually began to appreciate their style as I listened to more of their songs. I found it to be unique and distinct from other visual kei bands, not too dark or too “kawaii” if that makes sense. However, what truly made me a fan was the members themselves. As I watched interviews and comments, I fell in love with their personalities. I found them amusing and genuine.

B | The Way You Hear ALICE NINE.

What about ALICE NINE.’s sound do you like or admire most?

Over the years, I’ve consistently admired their ability to redefine their style and experiment with new sounds, which has kept me a fan to this day.

What are some things that give ALICE NINE. a certain je ne sais quoi (a very particular, unique quality)?

I think it’s a mix of many things, such as their ability to constantly innovate and draw inspiration from diverse sources, as well as the genuinely amiable nature of the band members.

What are some of your favourite songs?

Gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi, Gemini, Kowloon, Time Machine, and more recently : Kakumei Kaika Revolutionary Blooming, Testament.

Is there a release that you really connect to in particular, or that you have a very strong personal memory about?

I wasn’t familiar with the Zekkeishoku album when it was released, but it’s the album I constantly return to. I think if I want to introduce someone to Alice Nine, it would be through this album. I just love that “old sound of Alice Nine”, this album makes me nostalgic for their youth, so to speak.

Is there a song that you associate a really good memory to? Please share that good memory with us!

I think it could be the single ‘Rainbows‘. It was the first physical CD I bought upon its release, and I had been eagerly anticipating it for so long.

Create a 3-song single (or playlist if you prefer). Why did you put those 3 songs together?

Gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi, kowloon, time machine – pure nostalgia

Have you ever had the chance to attend a live (either in person or via livestream in real-time)? What was your experience like? Please tell us about the first time, or some very memorable moments.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to see them live yet. However, I hope to be able to attend their live performance on September 3rd in Japan. I sincerely hope I can make it.

Speaking of lives, are there some live-only versions or arrangements of their songs that you love in particular?

I want to mention the most memorable for fans: ‘Time Machine‘ in Alice in Wonderfilm, which was the most touching moment for me. Otherwise, I would say ‘Kiss Me Twice Kiss Me Deadly‘ from the Secret Live Session.

When you listen to the songs without distraction, how do you experience them? Do you get mental images, colours, sensations, emotions…?

It depends on the music being listened to, but otherwise, I would say it’s mostly nostalgia. Alice Nine reminds me of my teenage years.

C | The Way You See ALICE NINE.

What about ALICE NINE.’s visual aesthetic do you like or admire most?

I was immediately drawn to their style, although I can’t pinpoint exactly why. Perhaps it was because, for a visual kei band, they managed to maintain a certain simplicity and naturalness while still incorporating the visual kei style.

Do you have a favourite visual, look, or release era? What did you like most about it?

I have to say, I really loved their style in ‘Kakumei Kaika‘. The way they incorporated more traditional elements while still maintaining the visual kei aesthetic was splendid.

What are some of your favourite MVs?

As for music videos, I would say ‘Shunkashuutou‘ and ‘Bury the Night‘ for their quirky and unconventional style that’s different from what you typically see – it’s amusing. However, I have to admit that their recent music videos are really cool as well.

Let’s talk cover art: what are some of your favourite single or album covers in their discography? Is there one that takes the #1 spot?

Without hesitation, the cover of ‘Deja Vu‘ by Saga !!

Je viens de relire et effectivement ça me parait clair comme c’est écrit j’ai juste pas fait attention en la lisant la première fois 😅
La meilleure pochette pour moi était pour le single de Hana

Do you have a favourite photoshoot from a magazine, for instance? Which one, and why?

Their photobook ‘5 Elements Pieces’. Do I really need to explain why ? 😏

D | ALICE NINE.’s Impact and Influence

Has ALICE NINE. ever inspired you to try, do, or make something? Tell us about the point of inspiration and what you did as a result.

I took guitar lessons when I was in middle school, and I think Hiroto and Tora had something to do with it! I’m far from being a great player today, but let’s just say that I have the basics to impress people at parties, haha.

Have you ever recommended ALICE NINE.’s music to someone who was not already a fan? How did it go?

In middle school, I actually introduced Alice Nine to a friend who was equally amazed as I was, and later to my boyfriend. He’s not really into the visual kei style, but he has a particular taste for rock and metal. He likes ‘Senkou‘ and ‘Gemini‘, but I don’t think he would listen to it on his own.

As a fan, do you keep to yourself, or do you interact with other fans? Have you made friends with other 9kumis? Have you ever participated in a fan project, whether to share information with other fans or to make something to give to the band?

When I was younger, I used to chat a lot online with other fans, but not anymore. This is actually the first project I’m taking part in.

Have you ever sent a comment, message, or even been able to speak to one or more of the band members? What was the experience like and how did you decide what to say?

Unfortunately, no. I think the closest experience would be the time when I said hello to Hiroto on AmebaPigg, but that’s about it. It must have been around 2009, haha.

(This is an AmebaPigg photo he uploaded to Ameblo at the time)

E | Freeform Section

I find this idea extremely nice, it was a pleasure to answer these questions. Thank you for your Twitter account and website, the translations you provide, etc. To be honest, now that I am an adult, alice nine takes up less space in my life than when I was younger, and this kind of project allows me to maintain the connection I have with the band, which helps me feel closer to them.